SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Cone Park Mountain Bike Trail system received a bit of help with a donation of $1 million. The donation was made Friday morning by the Chesterman Foundation.

In a release, the Sioux City Parks and Recreation Department said the city has been working since the beginning of the year with Jay Chesterman of the Chesterman Foundation as well as the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) to create a vision for the mountain bike trail system. The trail would be part of Sertoma Park and Cone Park.

“Next year is our 150th anniversary as a company,” Chesterman said. “We think supporting these trails are an excellent way to celebrate that milestone, and give back to our community that has supported us so well through all the many years.”

The trail system would provide multiple trails that would offer multiple levels of ability levels for mountain bikers.

Click here to see the concept plan on Cone Park website.

Matt Salvatore, the Sioux City Parks and Recreation director, said that they are thankful for the Chesterman Foundation‘s support and for the great partnership they established. He added that the partnership has helped the department in adding more to Cone Park.

“Developing Cone Park into a year-round destination has been the goal since the start of the park development. The addition of the mountain bike trails would be a significant draw to the park which has successfully offered winter tubing and ice skating for the past four years,” Salvatore said..

Construction of the trail project is estimated to cost $2 million. The city is expected to contribute $700,000 in the upcoming FY’23 capital improvements budget. With that and the Chesterman Foundation’s donation, there is still $300,000 needed to fund the projection. The Sioux City Parks & Recreation Foundation is accepting donations, which can be found here.