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A school bus heads to an elementary school to pick up students Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, in Orlando, Fla. Some of Florida’s largest school districts are finding it difficult to hire enough bus drivers as classes resume, with at least some of the shortage caused by the pandemic. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – School is set to start Monday, and Siouxlanders will start to see school buses on their routes along with the regular city transit buses.  

School buses differ from city buses including the standard protocol during a pickup or a drop-off.

When a school bus activates flashing amber (orange) lights, cars should slow down because the bus is getting ready to come to a stop, according to officials. Cars behind the bus may not pass, and oncoming traffic may proceed with caution until the stop arm comes out, and the lights begin flashing red.  

No vehicles may pass a bus with red flashing lights and an extended stop arm.  

According to Sioux City Transit, there are no laws preventing vehicles from passing a city bus while performing a stop.

Community Policing Sergeant Jeremy McClure said there are added provisions in the law for school buses, because of the inherent danger for children getting on and off the bus.  

“The most dangerous spot for children is within 10 feet of the bus because drivers can’t see them coming around the bus,” McClure said, “Sometimes, they’ll just run from the bus stop or run to get off the bus, so it’s vitally important that drivers are extra cautious around bus stops.”  

McClure said it is best to use extra caution even if the arms are not out because kids are around bus stops and may do unexpected things.  

“It’s also important that parents talk to their kids that ride the bus,” McClure said, “Make sure that they understand the rules of the bus and are thinking about their own safety, before they get on and after they get off. So, talk to your kids and also make sure they know to watch for traffic.”

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