Community responds to officer injured in the line of duty

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SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – South Sioux City Mayor, Rod Koch says, “Most of us have lived in South Sioux City our whole lives and when that happened it just changed everything.”

South Sioux City Chief of Police, Ed Mahon says, “You know cops are supposedly bulletproof, but they’re not.”

Every day police officers risk their lives to protect ours. A harsh reality that became all too real this weekend, after South Sioux City Police Officer Brian Van Berkum was struck by two shots.

Koch says, “Kind of a stark reminder of the dangerous world we live in. I know officer Berkum on a personal level and he’s just one of the nicest people you could ever know.”

Lance Hedquist, the South Sioux City Administrator says, “He is just absolutely adored in the community. The kids like him in the community, the officers like him, the council likes him.”

Van Berkum remains hospitalized while he continues to recover from those injuries, but is reportedly in stable condition and slowly starting to get back on his feet. The same goes for His fellow officers, who are also recovering.

“There are some raw feelings and some real concerns. We’re dealing with it and we’ll work ourselves through it like we always do,” says Mahon.

Mahon says the support from South Sioux City has been unbelievable. 

“It’s just been almost overwhelming, everybody that wants to do something. I’m just so proud to be in South Sioux,” says Mahon.

And the pride doesn’t stop there.

“He’s just one of a family of 300 officers that all would risk their lives for you and do every day,” says Mahon.


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