Community discourages city from purchase of Big Ox Energy Plant

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SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) – After years of ongoing controversy, South Sioux City resident’s criticism of Big Ox Energy Biofuels Plant have resurfaced at Monday’s City Council meeting. It comes after rumors the city is considering buying the plant emerge.

South Sioux City Resident, Robert Baker says, “It hasn’t had a good day of operation since the day it started.”

South Sioux City Resident, Brad Johnson agrees, “I don’t see why they’d want to spend taxpayer money to acquire this place.”

Emotions ran high at South Sioux City Council, residents furious the city would even consider buying Big Ox.

Baker says, “We want to show them that we’re not going to go away until we resolve this. We’ve got many homeowners out of their homes and this is a black mark on the city of South Sioux.”

While no official offers have been made to purchase Big Ox, the city has spent nearly 200,000 dollars of taxpayer money for an assessment and study of the controversial wastewater treatment plant.

“They’re just digging the hole deeper. Why would you spend that money on something that’s not viable?” says Baker.

But South Sioux City Mayor Rod Koch says it could all pay off in the long run.

“That money the way we see it will be returned to us tenfold over the years. We just need to know what’s in that plant. We want to be prepared to get that thing up and running as fast as possible because that way our ratepayers, they’ll directly benefit from that. We’re looking at it because we think it’s our due diligence.” 

“The residents they’re tired of this, they just want a resolution,” says Baker.

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