Tuesday night brought another packed house to the Denison City Council chambers as residents aired out their grievances with mayor Jared Beymer and the council.  “Don’t do this, ever again, you’ve upset the whole community,” said one resident.  He was one of many who said they were not happy with the way three city employees were removed from their positions.  More than a month ago Lisa Koch, Terry Crawford, and Cory Snowgren were placed on administrative leave by order of the mayor and a single council member.

“Other city officials such as the city clerk and city planner are not under his purview. The appointment and dismissal of the city planner and the city clerk were done without council authority,” said Denison resident Rod Bradley. Community members also taking issue with what they say was a decision by Mayor Jared Beymer to spend more than $4,000 to hire an attorney before placing the employees on leave.  Something some of those in attendance said the full council should have voted on. 

“If fiscal irresponsibility is such a big issue why is he not investigating himself? How about putting yourself on administrative leave and we’ll go investigate why you thought you got the authority to go rack up these giant bills without council’s approval,” said another community member.

Another community concern expressed at Tuesday night’s meeting was free speech. By not allowing the three city employees to talk publically about their case, some called a violation of their rights.  “However, it still needs to remain off of social media. Well whoever drafted this agenda item has never heard of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution,” said Bradley.

KCAU 9 News tried to speak to the mayor and council after the meeting, but we were told they weren’t ready to speak on the entire situation yet and would respond at a later date.