Comfort dogs become classroom tradition at Perry Creek Elementary

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Loger family has been visiting Jennifer Koch first-grade classroom once a month this school year. They have been bringing in comfort dogs to interact with the kids and providing them with a unique outlet for reading and writing lessons inside the classroom. 

“They’re really fluffy, and they come once a month, and it’s just really fun,” said Daphne Nelson
a first-grade student at Perry Creek Elementary. 

While the students look forward to their visit each month, the dogs provide more than just fun for these new readers. 

“We read stories to the kids and then we break into little groups and the kids read stories to the dogs. The dogs don’t care if they stutter. They don’t care if they are quiet readers, and the kids get comfortable reading,” said Debbie Loger, one of the Comfort Dog Owners. 

The Loger’s comfort dogs provide emotional support and comfort to the kids.

“They learn something every time they’re here so that’s the great thing and the time goes really fast. But we try to incorporate reading and writing so that it isn’t just fun with dogs it’s so much more than that,” says Koch. 

It’s why these kids had such a big thank you for the Loger’s Wednesday, a small token of their appreciation for all of the time these dogs have invested in their education. 

“We had a huge basket of gifts from the children, and they just become a part of our first-grade family so it’s just been a fun addition to the classroom,” said Koch.

Koch has been partnering with the Loger’s in her classroom for seven years now. She says she plans on continuing the tradition and having them visit her classroom again next year. 

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