SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As warmer temperatures return to Sioux City, all the trash and litter hidden by the snow will soon become visible.

On Friday, city leaders announced the date for the 2023 Litter Dash. The annual event helps beautify Sioux City and encourages people to get involved in their community.

Registration for Litter Dash opened Friday afternoon and officials said Siouxlanders don’t need to commit to the whole day.

“And that’s just an opportunity for our community to get out and be involved and clean up our community. we encourage businesses, schools um, really anyone who has a couple of hours on Friday, April 21 to help pick up some of the garbage that’s been blowing around the winter,” said Anne Westra with the City of Sioux City.

City officials also announced the 32nd annual Sioux City history projects are on display at the Sioux City Public Museum. 940 students from 16 local schools have made miniature displays of some of Sioux City’s iconic places and buildings. The exhibit goes through May 6.