SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sioux City City Council once again took up the issue of raising the price to park Monday evening.

Councils members voted 4-0 with one abstaining during the second reading of the proposed amending of the ordinance for parking and parking meters. The last rate increases for on street meter fees was May 2007 and for the ramps and parking fines was 2019.

Mayor Bob Scott said raising the rate is necessary to provide revenue to service the debt for repairs to the parking ramps and to buy new parking meters.

“Ramp are terribly expensive to maintain in this environment where you have salt and freeze thaw cycles and that, so that salt is really tough on them so we have to continue to maintain them or as we’ve seen in the past those that you don’t you spend millions of dollars straightening up rather than a couple hundred thousand at a time,” said Mayor Bob Scott.

The third and final reading for the ordinance will take place next week.

City Council also approved to allocate more than $300,000 to the transit budget. This is funded by ARPA to help cover cost for an additional southern route and to extend services an extra hour per day for all routes.