SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — City Council members are going to take a second look at a resolution, opposing the operation and construction of CO2 pipelines in or near the city.

What was originally part of Monday’s council consent agenda with unanimous support, was pulled after a motion by council member Alex Waters.

The discussion comes following word that proposals by 2 pipeline companies include construction near the city limits.

The resolution originally in Monday’s consent agenda states that “granting eminent domain for private companies sets a dangerous precedent” and that both routes are “dangerously close” to residences, business areas, Sioux Gateway Airport, and the 185th Air Guard.

“It’s always important to look on both sides of the issue and I think just giving a little bit of time to step back, reflect, allow citizens the opportunity to come forward, talk about some of their concerns. Talk about some of the things that they are looking forward to or maybe proponents of it,” Council Member Alex Watters said, “I think that allows you to really hear people out, so we’ll just take our time, do some due diligence and really make a best decision for our community moving forward.”

The earliest the council would readdress the issue would be during its November 6th meeting.

Several Siouxland counties have already taken positions opposing or limiting the development of Co2 pipelines.