SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Discussions involving raising various parking rates were heard for the first time by Sioux City’s City Council Monday evening.

The proposal by the Public Works Department would increase monthly parking rates by $5 and would increase parking tickets from $10 to $14.

Price hikes would also impact meter rates, bumping up fee’s on one, two, and four hour meters by 25 cents.

The Public Works Director, David Carney, explained why it’s necessary to have changes to parking rates.

“We’re looking to raise a number of them in order to meet our costs. The parking fund is supposed to be a self-sustaining fund, so we need whatever money we spend to maintain not just the ramps, but the meters themselves and pay for the staffing,” said Carney.

Bag meter fees would also see a $2 increase under the Public Works proposal. Mayor Pro-Tem, Dan Moore, said there are still questions that need answers heading into their next discussion.

“We’ve asked staff to give us the cost and the revenues. What are the revenues on the overtime parking tickets that are issued. Right now it’s a $10 fee if you pay it within 30 days and then it goes up after 30 days and it increases significantly after 90 days. That’s where we are right now, then we’re going to compare it to where they are, of where they want to be with the increases because sometimes the increases may not be justified,” said Moore.

The first hearing for the parking price hikes will take place on September 12.