SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Members of Sioux City City Council voted Monday to allocate $250,000 from the American Rescue Plan Funds to city employees. Qualifying city employees will each receive $300.

Mayor Pro-Tem Dan Moore says this is a great way to show gratitude to city workers.

“It gives them the incentive to say we’re being acknowledged, we’re being appreciated, and that’s what people really need in these very tough times,” Moore said.

The city currently has $20 million in American Rescue Plan Funds and they’ll receive an additional $20 million next June.

City Council member Pete Groetken says he does not recall city employees ever getting anything like this during the 45 years he’s worked for the city.

“City employees don’t get the opportunity to do this,” Groetken said. “Private sector does it probably far more than public sectors.”

Groetken says the city is allowed to use the funds to give bonuses and this decision does not impact the city’s budget.

“Our operating budget and all of the issues that we discuss annually, that we want to accomplish in the next budget year, will be attended to,” Groetken said. “We will get all of that worked on, plus we’re going to be in a position where we can do a whole lot more.”