SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The gifts have been given and now stores are bracing for a new wave of customers: the returners.

According to, last year roughly 38% people said they were planning to return gifts.

“It was my wife’s clothing that I bought for her and as many men know it’s hard to buy clothes for women, so ya,” said Dennis Bremmer, a Siouxland resident.

With hundreds if not thousands of products already returning to stores, some businesses, like Bomgaars, have extra return carts labeled for designated departments.

“We normally just have one or two carts, so like all the returns go in one and we have batteries that go in another. But today we decided since we’re expecting such an influx of returns, we decided to go ahead and start it out so it’s easier to get them off the front and out of the way of customers and ourselves and back on the sales floor. So, somebody else can get them,” said Reah Springer, Sales Associate at Bomgaars.

Clothing, makeup, and kitchen appliances are a few commonly returned Christmas gifts. However, not all gifts returned or exchanged are unwanted. Sometimes items are either broken or torn.

“Last year we actually had a problem with a lot of our heated shoulder pads coming back that didn’t work, so what we do with those is you bring it back, we get you a new one that works, and then we send you on your way and we just take the old that didn’t work and send it off to our defective warehouse,” said Springer.

With the large amounts of returns going back to the shelves some employees said they feel defeated having to put back what was once there.

“It’s a little frustrating, but other than that we take it in stride. we’re trained to do returns, every cashier is. It is frustrating but not terrible,” said Springer.

According to, not everyone returns an unwanted gift. Roughly 57% of Americans will either regift or donate it. 

“Typically, I try not to return stuff after Christmas. I try and keep whatever people give me, because the thought went into it the gift, or if I have to go exchange it then I’ll exchange it for something similar, or just get the right size you know not just change everything that they tried to do for ya,” said Bremmer.

If you want to return a gift bought online, multiple stores in the Siouxland area will ship it back for you, but it’s best to look at that online store’s return policy.