SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) -The pandemic has hit the Siouxland community hard, and one area that continues to struggle is the need for foster homes.

“We just have extreme need for more foster homes in Sioux City,” said Danette Morgan, with Lutheran Services in Iowa.

In 2019, there were nearly 630 children in foster care in Woodbury County, but due to the pandemic, foster homes have become extremely limited.

“With foster care placements, we had some families that didn’t want to take placements due to COVID and, you know, certain exposures happened and certain people would have COVID in the home, so that certainly caused some problems for us,” said Morgan.

Lutheran Services in Iowa has leaned heavily on the Sioux City Crittenton Center for help.

“So, we take in those kids that are waiting for foster homes and they stay with us for a time as we search for a family with Lutheran Services,” said Leslie Heying, with the Crittenton Center.

If you’re not in a position where you can open your doors to a foster child, there are other ways you can support them through Just the Essential campaign, where there will be multiple drop-off sites throughout Siouxland so you can donate items, Stone Bru being one of them.

“Those items that many of take for granted like socks, underwear, pajamas, basic shirts, pants, we are always in need of those items during the holidays, as well as throughout the entire year,” said Heying.

A majority of kids in foster care tend to be teenagers. Lutheran Services in Iowa wants Siouxlanders to be aware of this when donating items.

“So, the focus of that again is that we do have older teens in foster care, and they need the basic essential things, too, like, underwear, socks, and pajamas, so it’s just trying to bring awareness that we do have older kids in foster care,” said Morgan.

Just the Essentials campaign will run November 27 through December 4. Below is a list of drop-off locations around Siouxland.

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