CHEROKEE, Iowa (KCAU) — The Cherokee Recorder’s Office is warning about a scam that involves the scammer pretending to be the recorder’s office.

According to a sample flyer posted to the Cherokee County Recorder’s Office’s Facebook page, the person needs to renew their home warranty. The person who receives the mailer is to contact a number on the mailer to renew their home warranty. However, the Recorder’s office warns that this is a scam that did not come from their office.

“If you receive one of these letters, do not pay, do not call, do not go to the website, and do not return any mail requests,” the Cherokee County Recorder’s office said on their Facebook page.

A similar scam took place in 2022 involving mailers in the state of Tennessee asking potential victims to call the same phone number for a similar purpose. In both cases, a “voucher” was attached for $199 that required the victim’s signature.