SAC COUNTY, Iowa (WHO) — Prosecutors in Sac County were granted a motion to dismiss all charges against Adrian Dickey, a State Senator from Jefferson County, after his arrest during RAGBRAI in July. Dickey was charged with Interference with Official acts after he allegedly refused to move out of a roadway when asked to by a police officer.

Dickey denied wrongdoing at the time and said through his attorney that the incident was a misunderstanding with officers. On Friday, Sac County Attorney Benjamin John Smith filed a Motion to Dismiss charges against Dickey. In the filing, Smith writes that prosecutors now believe “there is not enough evidence to prove this matter beyond a reasonable
doubt” and the “interests of justice and judicial economy are best served by dismissing this prosecution”. Dickey agreed to pay all court costs if the charges were dropped. A judge agreed to the motion and the charges were dismissed.

Senator Dickey released this statement:

“It was a total misunderstanding and I was innocent,” said Senator Dickey. “It is typical of todays (sic) news outlets to pile on and assume someone’s guilt without knowing all of the facts. The truth is it would not have been easy to be a law enforcement officer on that hot day. I was not drinking and I was not a part of the party that was taking place. I was only walking my bike on this short part of a gravel road attempting to get on the bike trail.” stated Dickey.

This incident has not changed Senator Dickey’s support for law enforcement. “In 50 years, I have NEVER been arrested. I appreciate the Sac County Attorney for correcting this and restoring my reputation. I have always been a huge supporter of law enforcement and I continue to back the blue today. I look forward to championing the efforts of the men and women who protect our communities.”

Senator Adrian Dickey
(R) Jefferson County