In today’s world, being a cyber safe parent means much more than just keeping track of what apps your children are checking into on their cell phone.  A rapidly growing home alarm business is helping provide cyber security.

Even when not able to be home, with the touch of an app on a cell phone, parents are keeping their kids safe.

New and improved system technologies backed by more research and development are giving parents a piece of mind not previously available.

“So this morning at 7:06 I locked the door.  At 7:06 the back door opened and closed.  So you can see everything that’s going on. Knowing that when you aren’t there that your house is protected and that when you are there that you are protected as well,” says security professional Cooper Mactenell.

Newer alarm systems use cell technology meaning if a burglar cuts a telephone line, the alarm system is still able to communicate with emergency dispatch.

Another area of home security seeing rapid expansion is home security cameras.

The most recent sales numbers we could find are from 2015, but even then 5.5 million remote cameras were sold that year according to ABC news and Parks Associates.  It marks a 240 percent increase from just 2 years before in 2012.

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