HARTINGTON, Neb. (KCAU) – Court documents showed that a Nebraska man that was accused of stalking a family and was charged with escaping from custody has entered a plea of not guilty.  

Court documents filed with the Cedar County Court showed that Jackson E. Metheny, 26, was booked into the Cedar County Jail on October 21 on charges of violating a protection order and stalking. The following day, at 10:09 a.m., the chief deputy was notified that Jackson had escaped from custody.  

An investigation of the incident found that Metheny allegedly stole an ATV near Hartington and drove to his residence in Laurel where he allegedly took off his jail uniform and told his parents that he was taking his truck to leave the state.  

The documents stated that the responding chief deputy was advised Metheny had begun to flee from his residence on the ATV. Law enforcement agencies were led on a pursuit before they found him at a residence in Wayne.  

The documents specified that upon arrival, Metheny was found in an outbuilding that was near the residence. He was then ordered at gunpoint to exit the outbuilding and officials were able to take him back to the Cedar County Jail 

He was charged with escape from custody, felony theft, and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The documents state that he entered a plea of not guilty on Wednesday.  

According to the documents, before the escape, Metheny was in custody for allegedly knowingly violating several protection orders against him by a 35-year-old woman and her four children that live near his residence.  

On October 19, officials received a report that Metheny violated the protection order and after confirming the protection order was active, deputies went to the residence.  

According to the documents, officers were provided with video footage of Metheny allegedly approaching the front door. The video was recorded at approximately 10:12 p.m. when all the protected parties were home. While one of the deputies obtained a written statement from the victim, another surveyed the area but was unable to locate Metheny.  

Afterward, one of the deputies went to Metheny’s residence and spoke with one of the residents of the home. They provided the deputy with a description of what Metheny was wearing so they could continue to search the area. They were unable to find him at that time.  

The victim provided a second video to the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office, which showed that two minutes after the first video was recorded, Metheny allegedly walked up and grabbed the front door handle and was trying to look through the door’s window.  

The woman allegedly explained to the deputy that when the camera detects motion in front of the residence, a notification is sent to her phone. Upon receiving the notification, she turned off the light that was above the door and waited, according to the documents.  

The victim told officials that after Metheny seemed to leave she opened the door and called out. She indicated that she could hear someone running through a nearby cornfield.  

According to the documents, an arrest warrant was issued the following day and he was arrested on October 21 in Norfolk after a “lengthy pursuit” that required multiple agencies to assist.  

Additional documents show a previous occurrence of Metheny violating the protection order.  On August 8, Metheny allegedly trespassed on the woman’s property resulting in first-degree trespassing and disturbing the peace. Their prior protection order was renewed the same day and Metheny was served with the renewal notice on August 12.  

After he was arrested on August 8, the officer and jailer on duty were attempting to move Metheny into the jail’s “Drunk Tank” because he was allegedly destroying jail property including a shower rod and a video phone, according to the documents.  

As the officials were processing the move, they stated that they could hear him yelling and he allegedly told them to “call Joe Biden to get him out and that Biden knew him because Biden made him.”  

The documents allege that Metheny was told to place his hands behind his back to be cuffed, but he allegedly refused to do so. The officer tried to negotiate with Metheny, asking if he would cooperate if he could place his hands in front of him to be cuffed.  

The documents state that he complied with the officials temporarily, but eventually he stopped and allegedly refused to keep going. He told them that he was free to leave, and they couldn’t hold him.  

Metheny allegedly shoved the officials back when they attempted to push him into the drunk tank. The documents specified that during the altercation Metheny allegedly caused the officials several injuries.  

The officer received abrasions, bruising, and lacerations from allegedly repeatedly causing the handcuffs to strike the official’s forearm. Metheny then dropped his knee into the right side of the jailer’s face resulting in redness and a bloody mouth.  

According to the documents, the officer managed to pin Metheny to the ground and he asked the jailer to find an officer to come help. At this time, Metheny allegedly calmed down and told the officer that he was sorry and that he didn’t want to fight them. He then offered to get $3,000 to split between them if they let him leave.  

An off-duty deputy came to assist and allegedly convinced Metheny to place his hands behind his back and was placed in the drunk tank. They later came back to take the handcuffs off him, and he allegedly complained of shoulder pain resulting from the altercation.  

The documents state that they later heard Metheny allegedly speaking like he was having a conversation with someone, but there was no one in the cell with him.  

Metheny was charged with five counts of violating a protection order and five counts of felony stalking.