SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A business representative for a local carpenters union says he has concerns that the general contractor hired to build Woodbury County’s new law enforcement center isn’t following the rules agreed to when the project started.

Ernie Colt of local 948 voiced his concerns with the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, one day after raising the same concerns to the members of the Sioux City City Council.

Colt expressed to both groups that he’s concerned that proper records are not being kept up on at the site.

Similar claims have been shared with the law enforcement authority responsible for overseeing the construction of the jail, but Colt claims that the group isn’t listening.

“I’ve visited thousands of job sites in the last ten years and I’ve never had anyone try to keep me off of a job site as much as these people are trying to do this,” said Colt, “They not only do not want me to visit the job site, they don’t want me to speak at the meetings. They don’t want to hear me.”

The LEC Authority is made up of a county supervisor, a city council member, and one community member.

Councilman Matthew O’Kane, who is not part of the authority, spoke on behalf of the city at Tuesday’s meeting. He endorsed Colt’s request for more transparency at the work site. However, Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, who is also not part of the authority, states changes to the LEC are unlikely.

“A citizen simply asking, ‘Can I be on a three-person board and make it a four-member board,’ I don’t know if that is an appropriate action,” said Taylor, “I don’t have an issue with making sure we know who the sub-contractor are that are there. I do rely on the LEC’s control measures. We are talking about a federal prison. I do think the work site has some security concerns.”

Taylor added that it’s important to balance that with transparency.

KCAU 9 reached out to the jail’s general contractor Hausman Construction but did not hear back.

The Law Enforcement Authority’s next meeting is scheduled for May 12th.