BRONSON, Iowa (KCAU) — Many bikers from around the Siouxland area gathered in the town of Bronson, Iowa over the weekend for a charity Poker Run.

The event, dubbed “Miles for Smiles” has motorcyclists go from small town to small town to collect playing cards from local bars. There, participants can relax before heading to the next town.

Participants could also buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a variety of items.

All the money made during the event went toward Camp High Hopes, a local non-profit that helps individuals with disabilities, special needs, and chronic illnesses.

“The need for Camp grows every year. We need more and more campers wanting to come to Camp and needing to come to Camp, you know, so we have to keep making sure we can accommodate them too,” Camp High Hopes executive director Sarah Morgan said.

After returning from the Poker Run, the bikers were able to enjoy a night of rest, drinking, eating, and a variety of live music at The Bronson Bar.

The owner of the bar, Dustin Mathey, said that when Camp High Hopes had reached out to him about hosting the event, he got excited.

“Obviously, we’re a small town bar, so I mean, all these people that are coming for this ride have never been here before. So I mean, that’s drawing people to our location. They can see what we have and that way people return and then all the money that we’re doing for this is going to be going towards a great cause, so everywhere, everybody. It’s a win-win for everybody,” Mathey said.

If you were unable to attend but would like to help out Camp High Hopes, more details on how to donate or get involved with the camp is available on their website.