SALIX, Iowa (KCAU) — A Siouxland recreation area is getting a facelift.

Construction is underway on roads around Bigelow Park by Browns Lake. Crews are in the process of removing the old asphalt off the roads.

The Director of the Woodbury County Conservation Board, Dan Heissel, said crews will not start working on the main road that residents use until May 1.

Heissel said one of the biggest challenges with projects like these is that bad weather can create major setbacks.

“We usually get a lot of rain and moisture, and I hope we get rain, but after my concrete road is put in. Once they mill that road down and start taking some of that sub-base out, if we get a lot of rain, it’s going to be a lot of mud. They can’t work in those conditions to get the sub-base in,” said Heissel.

Heissel said he expects the park will be open to the public by June 1 so long as the weather does not interfere.