SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – An Iowa man was sentenced to more than 10 years on Friday for allegedly kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.  

According to a release from the United States Attorney’s Office, Zachary Smith, 21, of Bronson, pleaded guilty on March 23, where evidence showed that Smith allegedly sent emails to his ex-girlfriend pretending to be his father and informed her that Smith had committed suicide on May 8, 2021.  

The release cited the email, which stated that the woman should come to his former residence to reclaim some of her belongings. According to the release, she went to the residence with another person, where Smith was allegedly waiting for them with a BB gun.  

When the women entered the residence, Smith allegedly locked and chained the door shut and refused to let them leave. The release stated that officers were able to rescue the women and Smith was issued a no-contact order.  

According to the release, Smith violated the protection order and allegedly waited for the victim to come out of her home in the backseat of her car at 5 a.m. He stayed hidden until she dropped off a young woman at a nearby school for athletic practice, and when she was alone, he allegedly threatened her with a BB gun, used homemade chloroform to subdue her, and took her to a resident in rural Bronson.  

The release added that Smith threatened the woman, stating that he had friends watching her family and they would hurt them if she resisted. She was able to escape and flag down a passing driver. The release specified that the driver had been her aunt who was searching for her in that area.  

Smith was sentenced to 121 months in prison and is required to serve a three-year term of supervised release upon completion of the prison sentence.  

Smith is being held in the custody of the United States Marshal until he can be transferred to federal prison.