SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — One local nonprofit organization is recognizing a sports team for what they’ve done for them.

The Boys and Girls Home and Family Services (BGHFS) acknowledged the Sioux City Musketeers for raising more than $1 million dollars to help families and children in the Siouxland area for the past 25 years. The President and CEO of the nonprofit, Art Silva talked about how their new location will give people a different look of the Boys and Girl Home.

“So moving over here to a campus setting will allow for the children to really view and enjoy being in a new facility, a new school and we’re going to tear up about two acres of asphalt out here. So there will be plenty of grass and berms in there for the kids to enjoy. But we think this is going to be so important to their success going forward,” said Silva.

The Musketeers hockey organization helps many charitable causes in Siouxland. A player talked with KCAU 9 about much can be learned from “giving to others” and when kids are involved it’s even more rewarding.

“Our organization does a great job of helping us kind of helping other people in the community. So just being able to be a resource to these kids is great,” said Sam Deckhut, Musketeer’s Center.

The Musketeers are currently in the midst of a playoff push.