New details emerge in the death of a Denison girl who drowned after the car she was riding in crashed into the Boyer river. Yoana  Acosta’s body was recovered by divers Thursday, one week after that crash occurred.
The car’s driver is under arrest and “9 investigates” has learned that he’s a Mexican citizen accused of dealing drugs to the victim and her friends.
“It’s been a tough 8 days,” says Sheriff James R. Steinkuehler.
As of Thursday, the search for Yoana Acosta’s body is over. Acosta was found 2.25 miles from the site of the car accident in the middle of the Boyer River. Her body’s recovery coming as relief to her grieving family.
“Every night they begged us not to give up, and I told them we weren’t going to,” says Sheriff James R. Steinkuehler with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.
 The driver of the vehicle, 25 year- old Ramon Hernandez has been arrested on multiple charges, including drug violations.  Court documents reviewed by “9 investigates” allege that he dealt drugs to the passengers in his car, including the victim.
“Three counts of delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, one count of delivery of a controlled substance to an adult, one count of serious misdemeanor of possession of a controlled substance, one charge of reckless driving, driving under an expired license, and one charge of failure to maintain control of a vehicle,” says Roger Sailer, County Attorney.
If Hernandez is formally charged and found guilty on all counts,  he could face more than 80 years in prison. the Documents obtained by “9 investigates” also shows that Hernandez is a Mexican citizen. When the County Attorney was asked if Hernandez was an illegal immigrant, Sailer said he could not comment on that at this time.
As for any light in this case, the Sheriff announced that the city of Denison will be purchasing a search boat to accompany the Denison diving team on any future cases. That boat will hold a very special message…
“On that boat, we’re going to put in…’In memory of Yoana Acosta’, says Sheriff Steinkuehler.