SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Pipelines carrying a variety of materials continue to pop up on the Midwest landscape.

Although no new pipeline applications have been submitted in Woodbury County, supervisors are making sure a framework is in place, when it does happen. A discussion over the possibility of pipelines in the county was a focus of Tuesday’s supervisors meeting.

A County Zoning Coordinator said companies looking to build a pipeline in Woodbury County first must submit an application for a conditional use permit. The County Zoning Commission would then review the application. But so far, no applications have been submitted.

If the county does receive an application, the next steps are looking at how the pipeline would impact the respective neighborhoods.

“There’s always a potential with any type of development activity so that’s what our office is here for is to intercept the permits and do a staff review and our function is to prepare those items for the board,” said Daniel Priestley, Woodbury County Zoning Coordinator.

Woodbury County Board Chairman Keith Radig said having these informational meetings can help the county prepare for possible pipeline requests in the future.

“Currently it’s hard to gauge what we will expect but I feel like we’re trying to lay the groundwork and be prepared for whatever comes forward so we can do our best to protect residents and do everything we can to work with the companies involved in the process,” said Radig.

Radig said some companies have done preliminary inspections and property surveys.

Also at the meeting, supervisors approved a job title change for two warrant clerks. Sheriff Chad Sheehan requested the move. The warrant clerks will be given the titles of Correction Officers which will allow them to help inside the jail. The title change comes with a pay increase of $8,800 per year per position, but Sheehan said these new correctional officers will help the county pay less overtime money to other officers, so he said the pay increase for the clerks will not be a significant blow for the county.