Bill targets gender identity in Iowa classrooms

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A bill that targets gender identity in the classroom is getting attention in the Iowa legislature.

If a student identifies by a pronoun different than their biological sex, such as him, her, they and them, schools would be required to notify parents of that identification.

Specifically, here’s what Senate File 80 states:

“If a student in a school district will be asked by a school employee… To identify the pronoun by which the student prefers to be called… Or will be asked to take a survey on pronoun preference, the school district shall provide written notification of such action to the parent or guardian of the student.”

Senate File 80

Sen. Jim Carlin, of Sioux City, represents Iowa’s 3rd congressional district. He said parents have a right to participate in such decisions.

“I think they should play an active role in defining a child’s self-image, which out sees the world. Their role is indispensable to that child’s success. In so many spectrums. So, the idea that you leave parents out of that conversation, it’s just not something I could ever get on board with,” Carlin said.

The bill, however, is sounding an alarm for LGBTQ advocates.

The Co-Founder of Siouxland Pride Alliance told KCAU in a statement:

“The bill is basically forcing children to ‘out’ themselves to their school and parents, as the information is sent to the parents. It is a safety issue since so many youth are assaulted by their parents when they come out and then kicked out of the house,” Don Dew said.

Dew said when and who people disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity to is their business and should only happen when they choose to do so.

Sen. Carlin said he’s optimistic the bill will make it out of the senate.

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