SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Buying a new pair of shoes might be a rather uneventful task for adults, but for some kids, it’s a thrilling yet rare experience. That’s why volunteers with Morningside Assembly of God put on the great shoe giveaway.

The goal was to make sure students at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School each had a pair of new shoes to call their own.

Organizers distributed 700 pairs of shoes and made sure those new kicks fit just right. Johnny Helton is the lead pastor of Morningside Assembly of God church. He says it’s important for the church to play an active role in making a difference.

“Like many other churches in this community, we want to be as I said a moment ago the hands and feet of the lord and help meet tangible needs of families in the Sioux City area, so it’s a big honor and a pleasure for us to be able to do this,” Helton said.

This is the second year the Morningside Assembly of God has held this event.