Biden admin rolls back Trump admin U.S. citizenship test

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SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – People looking to become an American citizen now have options when it comes to the test they are required to pass for approval. The Biden Administration is reverting back to the exam used in 2008.

The 2020 civics test was implemented last December. Now, the 2008 version of the test is the standard once again.

Some Siouxlanders said it’s been a confusing time trying to study for their test without knowing exactly which version they’d be taking.

For the past decade, people wanting to become U.S. citizens were required to take a test of 10 questions randomly selected from a list of 100. They had to get six correct in order to pass.

But last December, the Trump Administration introduced changes to the test.

“The 2020 version bumped that to 128 questions. They asked 20 out of the 128 and you had to get. 12 correct until you were considered to have a passing score, so it went 28 additional questions, 12 out of 20 required to pass,” Attorney Heidi Oligmueller said.

Some people studying for the test said not knowing which version of the test they’d have to take made studying difficult.

“I feel scared, first. Second, I feel like I’m not going to pass. In my mind, I said why are they going to change it? What is the difference?” Jahayra Rivas said.

Rivas took her test earlier this month, just two months after it was changed.

“I’m going to tell you, for one month I don’t sleep well because I needed to study. I think about what is going to be the change. Are they going to ask me the 128 questions? So that day I feel free is the day I take my test,” Rivas said.

Starting March 1, the 2008 civics test will be reimplemented.

Oligmueller said anyone whose application was filed after December 1, but before March 1, and is interviewed by April 19, will have the choice to take either version of the test.

After that date, all tests will revert back to the 2008 version.

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