Bernie Sanders visits Sioux City

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Many candidates are flocking to the Hawkeye state this weekend to campaign. One of the front runners Bernie Sanders even making a stop right here in Sioux City.

“He has been on the Senate Veterans committee for years is a rock-solid supporter of veterans benefits for us people that go out and do our dirty work this guy is there for us,” said James Stengle a Siouxlander.

Sunday night hundreds of Siouxlanders came out to hear from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Some of the key topics touched on were taxing corporate America, helping out rural America, health care for all, free education, and climate change.

“We want the American people to get all of the education they need because education is not only a human right you need a good education today to get decent paying jobs and people should not have to pay off their depts decade after decade,” said Sanders. 

Sanders said his campaign is similar to 2016, however, he feels since that time his ideas are less radical.

“He hasn’t changed his message in years and I mean for decades he has been fighting for the same things they just happen to be popular now,” said Siouxlander Corey Davis.

“If you go online and you google Bernie Sanders in the 1970s or the 1980s, he has been fighting for the same principles to make sure the working family the middle-class families have a fair shake campaigning against income inequality so he has been consistent,” said California Congressmen Ro Khanna.

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