SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) –A local firm has bought a historic downtown building in Sioux City with plans to become “a center of activity.”

Nelson Construction & Development of Sioux City announced that they purchased the Benson Building at the corner of 7th and Douglas Street. The building has been used for many uses over the years after being built in 1920.

Steve Nelson said they want the building to be a “center of activity.”

“We are talking about a lot of things right now as we conceptualize what exactly we want this building to be,” Nelson said. “Some of the ideas for first-floor tenants include a coffee shop, a grocery store, a bodega and a fitness facility. We are thinking about those amenities that would be most beneficial to all of our tenants, as well as our neighbors throughout the downtown district.”

With the neighborhood around the building being revitalized, they think that turning the building into a mixed-use building will help continue the trend in the area.

Nelson said they are looking into adding a roof-top patio, which would provide a line of sight to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s outdoor concerts. They are also looking at adding individual patios.

Using tax benefits under recent federal regulations that created “Opportunity Zones,” Nelson Construction said they are partnering with Matt Campbell of the Hall Estill law firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is a federal Opportunity Zones attorney to ensure federal compliance.

Construction is planned to start later this year.