Bear cub taken in by rescue after being hit by car in Tennessee

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Persimmon is the newest black bear cub taken in by Appalachian Bear Rescue is Tennessee.

She was rescued Saturday after she was hit by a car in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

She had a swollen elbow and several broken ribs. 

Janet Dalton of Appalachian Bear Rescue said, “The most serious injury is to her left lungs. She has some severe contusions which is bruising of the lungs.”

The most important thing for Persimmon right now rest, and Dalton said that’s exactly what the cub has been doing. 

“She survived the night and I have seen her moving about a little bit today, just very slowly,” Dalton said. “It’s obvious she’s sore but she’s been drinking water, I’ve seen her sit up, I’ve seen her stand, but she’s mostly sleeping today.”

One vital resource that the Appalachian Bear Rescue has is a system of cameras set up throughout the facility, which allows them to monitor all of the bears there without disturbing them.

Dalton shared a timeline for when the cub may be able to leave this recovery center.

“What is next is she’ll continue to be in our recovery center. Where we’ll watch her, allow her time to heal from the fractured ribs. That will probably be a few weeks,” Dalton said.

After that, she will move to an outdoor acclimation pen. 

“At this point, I’m hopeful. Bears are very resilient and we’ve seen them overcome some devastating injuries and illnesses,” said Dalton. “And they always amaze me, they have a very strong spirit and a strong will to survive, and this bear certainly has shown a strong will to survive.”

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