CORRECTIONVILLE, Iowa (KCAU) — Earlier this year, the town of Anthon rallied around an injured bald eagle, and Sunday, that story received a happy ending.

Over in Correctionville, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Saving Our Avian Resources, and Forever Wild Animal Rescue all played a part in saving and now releasing a bald eagle that was injured by a car.

With a broken beak and road rash, the eagle was saved by Forever Wild and rehabbed by S.O.A.R. then released back into the wild near Little Sioux Swimming Area.

“I’m usually the one that runs around and chases them and picks them up and triage’s the,” said Amanda Hase with Forever Wild. “I don’t always get to release them so this is pretty fun for me too but to see something, especially something as special as a bald eagle get released back into the wild where she belongs is really special.”

“We really appreciate them watching out for wildlife,” Kay Neumann with S.O.A.R. said. “It’s nice to see so many people involved with wild animals and hopefully that gets them to key into habitats that they need to have.”

They also made it very clear that they are professionally trained to deal with injured animals. If you see an animal that might need help, make sure to call the DNR before taking action.