Awesome Biker Nights kicks off in its new location

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“Lots of tents, lots of tables, lots of chairs, and lots of beer…oh don’t forget about the ice!” says Mac Dolan, Owner, Work & Church.

Awesome Biker Nights is coming to town this weekend and local businesses on Pearl Street are gearing up and getting ready. 
Beer, ice, and outdoor tents…. they’ve already put in a days worth of work and the event hasn’t even started. This is the first year Awesome Biker Nights is being held on Pearl Street and businesses say they’re excited.
“Normally June is one of the slower months, especially this weekend with everybody being over there. So, with the Hard Rock and all that over here, it should be a really good turnout for us this weekend” says Cody Worden, Bar Manager, Blue Ribbon Tap.
The event has been held on Historic Fourth in past years, but this year the Hard Rock is taking over, hosting concerts in Battery Park. Two days of music, food, and venders…businesses say it’ll be a long, but rewarding weekend.
“There’s a lot of us working from 10 in the morning until 2 in the morning the next day, so it’s going to be a long few days but we’re ready for it! We’ve been waiting for a while!” says Laurissa Torres, Server, McCarthy & Bailey’s.
Bars say most of the prep has just been in ordering. Beer distributors say they’ve delivered triple the amount of beer they usually do to the pearl street bars, totaling 600 cases just for Friday night, with more unloading likely on Saturday. Over 15,000 lbs of ice have also been delivered, and more is on its way.
“We’ve gone through about, if I had to guess, half this truck as you can see behind me, so between the 4 of us, we’ve moved a lot of beer down here today! But the people are thirsty, so we’ll do it for them! ” says Kevin Molland, District Sales Manager, Glazers Distributor.
“Oh yea, we got beer for everybody… so as long as you’re on the street you’ll get a beer in your hand” says Cody Worden, Bar Manager, Blue Ribbon Tap.
But at the end of the day, it’s not about beer or business profits, it’s about the 6 charities that will receive almost $100,000 in donations.
“We’ve given over a million dollars to charities right now, and that’s the main thing too, it’s all about the charities” says Brian Hall, Chairman, Awesome Biker Nights.

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