SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Local mechanics say a wide variety of parts are now hard to come by. The delays have service shops looking for new options to fill their parts needs.

Martin Gruis is a shop foreman at Woodhouse Service and Parts in Sioux City. He says the parts shortage is unlike anything he’s ever seen.

“I’ve been at this dealership for 27 years and this is by far the hardest time we’ve had getting parts in all those 27 years,” Gruis said.

Gruis said the shortage is impacting every kind of part, from electronics to transmissions.

“It runs from large parts to small parts,” Gruis said. “I don’t think I can even zero in on one. We’re probably waiting, off the top of my head, probably for about 40 parts right now, the oldest being about 3 months now.”

Jarod Eickholt is the owner of Certified Auto Repair. He says getting parts from overseas is a problem due to shipping issues.

“It can delay a car as much as a few weeks to a few months at times,” Eickholt said. “It makes it a little bit harder to get the car done on time for the customer, but we do what we can.”

Both Eickholt and Gruis say they’ve tried reaching out to more suppliers to get parts and they’re hoping this shortage comes to an end soon.

While electronics and transmissions are two of the most difficult parts to get right now, Eickholt says brakes and suspension parts are becoming easier to acquire.