DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — A report by the Iowa auditor’s office found there was no wrongdoing by Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office regarding the sale and trade-ins of vehicles.

Iowa Auditor Rob Sand released the report Thursday morning. The auditor’s office conducted a special investigation with the assistance of the Iowa DOT regarding allegations of there being wrongdoing over trade-ins of sheriff’s office vehicles.

Sand found that the vehicles were not sold or traded in for an unreasonable value, saying the sheriff’s office received $163,746 of trade-in value for 36 vehicles. The vehicles were traded-in from July 1, 2017, through December 31, 2020. The dealers sold those vehicles for $164,133.21.

Sand also investigated an individual vehicle trade-in. The sheriff’s office sold a vehicle for $100 to a dealer. That dealer then sold the vehicle to another dealer within 14 days. After 70 days of the second dealership taking the title, a sheriff’s office employee then bought the vehicle for $500. The auditor found that the sale of the vehicle did not provide a benefit to the employee and the sale is considered an arm’s length transaction.

The only issue the auditor’s office found during the investigation was the sheriff’s office not maintaining documentation regarding the vehicles’ conditions. Sand recommended that the sheriff’s office created policies and procedures for the sale and trade-ins of vehicles and other items. He also said they should keep records of the vehicles’ conditions

Below is the full report. You can also read it by clicking here.