Attn voters: New rules you need to know before Iowa’s Primary Elections

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The Woodbury County Courthouse is just one of the many places you’ll be able to vote in the upcoming Iowa Primary Elections. Now that the Nebraska Primary Elections have wrapped up, there’s a few changes that you need to know about including filling out an oaths of identification in Iowa. 

“Your I.D. is actually required. If you don’t have an I.D. you can go to the polling place and sign an oath that says you are who you are, but beginning next year, voting I.D. will be required for every election and if you aren’t able to produce it, you will have to vote a provisional ballot,” says Woodbury County Comissioner of Elections Pat Gill.

When you show up to the ballots on June 5th, you can provide multiple forms for proof of identification including your photo I.D., a non-expired bank statement, utility bill, paycheck and so forth. If you are already a registered voter, same type of deal. 

If you don’t have your standard I.D…

“You actually have to give us your driver’s license number or your non-operators I.D. number or a pin number that was issued to all those folks that were registered voters that didn’t have either of those– a driver’s license or non-operator I.D.,” says Gill. 

Another new perk you’ll see…

“The Libertarian Party is actually a recognized party in the state of Iowa so we have three different ballots that we’ll be presenting to voters in Woodbury County,” Gill adds. 

There’s about 3,000 absentee voters so far and they’re only expecting that number to increase in the coming weeks; something Gill says is our duty to fulfill.

“It’s a responsibility. You should cast your ballot to voice your opinion about the people that are going to represent you in this election,” Gill says. 

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