SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) – At least 100 students from the South Sioux City High School walked out of school Friday to protest against what they say are racist and sexist issues within the school.

With homemade signs and megaphones, the students gathered in front of the school entrance as a demonstration against school staff, saying they have treated minority students poorly

A former student who said she organized the event claims student concerns have not been addressed in the past and remains an issue today.

“They’ve been saying that for a long time. that’s why I told these kids we gotta do something big we can’t just e-mail them anymore, they don’t do nothin’,” said Diana Ponce.

Some students said their concerns hit a boiling point after former South Sioux City coach Nathan Rogers was charged with sexually assaulting a student.

Additionally, students say the school is not doing enough to protect students against these types of incidents. Claims of racist behavior by some school staff are also cited by these students.

High School Principal Ashely O’Dell attended today’s rally and said administrators want to work with students to alleviate their concerns.

“We need to gather more specific information if students are feeling there are some divisiveness here, that’s not our goal, we want every student, everyone of them, to feel that they are as important as the next. I think once we get enough communication going effective communication, then we’ll be able to get an action plan and problem solve,” said O’Dell.

School officials said the students will not face disciplinary action because they were simply exercising their right to protest.