SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A Mississippi company has started removing trees in Sioux City infected by the emerald ash borer.

City officials said they have identified about 200 ash trees in the midtown and near northside areas that are ready for removal. Work should be completed by the end of the week with crews returning later to grind out the tree stumps. The downed trees will be ground into wood chips for re-use.

“There was a lot of good competitive bids that came forth and you know we look forward to that happening again as we progress through this. We’re going to continue the process and you’ll probably see a large contract coming next fall again throughout the winter and will be doing more removals,” said Kelly Bach, Sioux City Parks Maintenance Field Supervisor.

There’s no plans as of now for a re-planting program. Bach said that diversification is a big thing, there are way too many of one species of trees planted.

So, planting different species gives a better forest canopy and overall health of the city trees.