SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) –  As the school year slowly comes to an end, final exams for college students are fastly approaching.  Today many students are turning to dangerous quick fixes to help them get through this stressful time.  Some use energy drinks, caffeine, study guides, and even friends to help them prepare for exams.  But for others, the option can be more dangerous.

Siouxland college students tell us they know that some of their classmates are turning to drugs like Adderall to help them stay focused when studying for exams.  Morningside College student Emma Hansen says, “We have a lot of pressure that is put on us to try to get this college degree and it’s kinda hard sometimes.  People might get pressured and take Adderall and think hey it will make me study a lot harder.”

Jackson Recovery prevention specialist Joy Gonnerman has worked with students in the past who have experienced a great amount of stress and anxiety when it comes to taking tests.  Joy Gonnerman says, “So there is a lot of tools that we give students when we’re teaching them what will help prevent them from going to that quick fix.”

Gonnerman wants the student to know that there are plenty of ways to deal with stress during final exams. But turning to medication, drugs, or alcohol will have long term effects on their health. “You take a quick fix you feel better for a minute it wears off and you feel worse than you did,” added Gonnerman. Jackson Recovery is dedicated to raising awareness and providing recovery for those who are in need.