SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Saturday in the Park isn’t possible without the help of the hundreds of people who work behind the scenes.

Maurice Girard has been the Art’s Alley Chairperson for nearly a decade, but that hasn’t been his only Saturday in the Park involvement.

“I’ve been volunteering up here for over 20 years. I first got started, I came up and made garbage boxes, bags, scattered them throughout the park,” Maurice Girard said.

Girard admitted taking the leap into a committee role was difficult, but he knew what he was capable of.

“Stepping up into the chairperson was a challenge, even though I knew what I was doing because I’d worked in Arts Alley for years helping vendors unload, set up,” Girard said.

And during his time as Chairperson, Girard created lasting relationships.

“The committee is a family, the vendors are a family, but the whole crowd is a family. We all come together and watch a great day of music and fun,” Girard said.

One of those ‘great days’ Girard recalls was last year, when he finally saw one of his favorite musicians after nearly two decades with the festival.

“Saturday in the Park after the pandemic was really awesome. I waited for years to see John Fogerty up here and my dream came true. He was born to do this show,” Girard said.

Girard says he always looks forward to meeting new art vendors at Saturday in the Park.
And when the fun is done, Grandview Park returns to normal.