SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Army Corps of Engineers is making its semi-annual trips through the Missouri River Basin.

Tuesday afternoon, the corps made a stop in Sioux City to talk about the current state of the reservoirs which are currently 15% lower than where they would like to be when starting the new year. Forecasters from the National Weather Service were also at the event to talk about how a continued dry pattern could affect the basin. KCAU 9 spoke with the corps about how they plan to handle the lower water level.

“Actually using the water that we store in the reservoirs to support the authorized purpose during the dry periods so we can still support Navigation, Water Supply and, while there is less still Hydro Power, we are still generating Hyro Power,” said John Remus, part of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The corps plans to begin the winter output schedule of 12 cubic feet per second in November with the navigation season coming to an end on Nov. 28.