(KCAU) — After devasting tornadoes impacted five different states over the weekend, many people are looking for ways to help.

The American Red Cross has been on the ground for several days, assisting families impacted by the storm that lead to at least 88 people losing their lives.

The American Red Cross of Northwest Iowa and Northeast Nebraska sent three volunteers to be part of the efforts to pick up the pieces

An American Red Cross representative says the three volunteers will be in different affected areas for the next two weeks.

“Each of these particular volunteers are filing different roles and so two of them are supporting more of the immediate needs, so sheltering and feeding. Then one is going in helping with damage assessment,” said the executive director of the American Red Cross, Tammy Lee. “Typically it’s a two-week assignment. And each position can be a little bit different if things change on the ground, certainly, folks could come home early if the needs are met, and then on the flip side, sometimes folks are asked to stay a little bit longer.”

Lee told KCAU the pool of volunteers is low because of the upcoming holidays, but the hleping being received is signicant.

If you would like to make a donation to help with the relief efforts you can do so here.