ALBERT CITY, Iowa (WHO) — It’s not harvest or plowing season in Iowa, but both were happening over the weekend at a farm northwest of the town of Albert City. This was the 52nd annual Albert City Threshermen and Collectors Show.

People brought in antique tractors, plowing, baling, raking, and even some old combines and threshing machines to do the farm work the way it was done 50-70 years earlier on Iowa farms.

“I’ve been into this with my Dad since I’ve been a kid,” said Cody Hager, of Altura, Minnesota.

On Saturday afternoon there was a plowing competition going on, with dozens of tractors taking a turn and plowing a strip of ground, turning the soil so the dirt side, was up. Cody Hager brought the family’s old three-bottom plow. He came with his dad Tom Hager.

“The WD-45 is a 45-horsepower tractor,” said Tom. “They are trying to get 70 45s here, they must have close to 100.”

The tractors, combines, and balers all performed in front of a grandstand erected in the field to see how farming was done years ago.

This year’s show hosted the Allis Chalmers tractor event known as the Gathering of the Orange, for the color the tractors are all painted. Next year the plan is to feature John Deere tractors.

“That’s what people come to see there’s a lot of shows,” said Cody. “When they can see somebody turning some dirt in the field or a combining or threshing, anything, is still what keeps people‘s interest in this.”

The show also featured a parade of old cars and farm equipment on the Grand Concourse of the show.

The annual event also has one building packed with vintage military equipment and another building had farm toys. The show also featured a cinnamon roll, and pie contest, along with a sweet corn feed, and a greased pig contest.