SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) –From working on the farm to having to homeschool children, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change daily life for some it’s even impacting their sleep.

“I’ve been spending the last sixish weeks homeschooling while attending to three kids, one of them has a disability, and also trying to full-time work so it’s been really really difficult,” said Sheya Treglia.

Like many Siouxlanders, Sheya Treglia’s life has been turned upside down due to COVID 19, she says she hasn’t been sleeping well.

“I have not been able to sleep at all I usually am up two or three times a night and then trying to function normally throughout the day,” said Treglia.

“The reactions we are experiencing are common to any stress. They are hardwired into us from our caveman ancestors we call it the fight or flight response,” said CNOS Dr. James Case.

Tregila said when she does sleep, she is dreaming more than before.

“Funny dreams of like me going out and risking getting the virus, so I don’t know if I’m missing social interaction or what,” said Treglia.

Sleep specialist doctor James Case said many people have reported coronavirus-related dreams and there are even websites out to share those now.

“Stress and anxiety during the day will lead to more negative content in the dreams. If you are stressed and anxious, you may wake up more often at night and then you will remember your dreams more because if you wake up after a dream, you will remember,” said Case.

Case recommends avoiding alcohol, getting sunshine in the mornings and limiting the use of electronics to help sleep soundly.

“Trying relaxation techniques deep breathing, stretching yoga mindfulness meditation calming music quiet reading can be helpful,” said Case.