Active shooter drill helps prepare students, teachers, first responders

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WAKEFIELD, Neb. (KCAU) – About 470 students at Wakefield’s elementary and high school experienced an active shooter drill Thursday. The goal was to see how teachers, students, and emergency personnel responded to the situation.

Blank gunshots were fired in the gymnasium and hallways to help simulate an active shooter situation. 

“We are careful to not cause a lot of trauma, especially in the elementary. We’re really not trying to cause trauma to anybody, but it’s important that you practice and that people know what a gunshot sounds like, ” said Mark Bejot, the superintendent at Wakefield Community School.

The main goal of the drill was to help students, staff, and emergency personnel know exactly what to do if an armed intruder were to enter the school. 

“The coordination involved a lot of local agencies as well as some state resources as it continued to progress into the reunification process here at the school,” said Emergency Manager of Wayne County Nic Kemnitz.

Officers from surrounding areas were brought in to help create a lifelike event during this annual exercise. 

“Every year they try to incorporate another level so that they are not overwhelmed trying to learn everything all at one time. This year they are focused on parent-student reunification trying to smooth out that process,” says Jason Dwinell Wayne County Sheriff. 

Students headed to a safe zone where they waited for their parents to arrive. This is a process that helps the school get an accurate count of who is coming in and out of the school. 

“It was amazing to me today to watch and to think about the various drills we have had and how much improvements have occurred by all the partners involved in the process,” said Bejot. 

This is the fifth time Wakefield has done an active shooter drill. The superintendent says they are all improving every year but will still evaluate this year’s exercise to see how they can improve in the future. 

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