A second card-skimmer has been discovered at a Sioux City gas station in the past three months

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For the second time this year, a credit card skimming device has been found on a Sioux City gas pump.Sioux City police say the device was attached to a pump at the Cenex station at 1800 Business 75 North.

Police say the skimmer was found after a routine inspection of the pumps. They are not sure how long it has been there or if it transmits information via Bluetooth connection. Police do know that this type of skimmer was homemade and created with common hardware materials. While the first skimming device in Sioux City was easily discovered from its suspicious appearance, this one was an internal skimmer that would have been almost undetectable without a trained eye.

Officials say since scammers are getting more crafty with hiding skimming devices, that other gas stations may have skimming devices inserted into them as well and the gas stations may not be aware of it.

The first skimmer found three months ago and the one found Tuesday were both discovered at Cenex stations in Sioux City.

The SCPD’s next steps include scanning the device for any DNA or fingerprints. With history of skimming coming from an international location, the Sioux City PD believe these scammers are not locals.

“What’s more likely is that it’s likely not tied to anyone locally but ties to organized crime,” says County Detective, Zach Lewis.

Since scammers have gotten better at hiding their technology, police urge customers to be very aware of their transaction history and to closely monitor their accounts. This, customers say, is inconvenient.

“It’s too bad that they can’t do something else to the machines so they can’t do that. It makes it kind of hard for every body any more,” says John Davis, Consumer.

Police say the best way to avoid becoming a victim to skimming devices at gas stations is to to pay inside and not at the pump. If paying at the pump is just something you want to continue doing, officials suggest using a credit card over a debit card. A police notice has gone out to all regional gas stations urging them to have inspectors check their pumps for skimmers so more stations can avoid falling victim to scammers.

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