SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– Local healthcare organizations said they’re in the process of receiving their doses of the latest COVID booster. However, it could take some time before those doses arrive.

“When the emergency declaration for COVID ended, that ended a lot of the programs for free COVID vaccines,” said Tyler Brock, with Siouxland District Health Department.

Tyler Brock worked at Siouxland District Health Department throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, helping prevent the spread. Brock said with the public health emergency over, the distribution for the booster has changed.

“All of the vaccines came through us and then we distributed to the various providers. Now if a pharmacy or a doctor’s office wants to have COVID vaccine, they order it and it’s just like any other vaccine that would be out there,” said Brock.

For the past few years, Drilling Pharmacy has received its COVID-19 vaccines through multiple pharmacy networks. However, with the health emergency over, Drilling now gets their COVID shots from a nationwide wholesaler they purchase other vaccines from

“Easier I would say to secure it because it does come from the same place now that we get all of our other prescription drugs. But at the same time we’re kinda at the mercy of when they’re available,” said Houselog.

Healthcare providers aren’t the only people affected by the emergency declaration ending, as COVID-19 vaccines are no longer free, costing around $100 without insurance.

“Anybody who wants a COVID vaccine should be able to get it either paid for by their insurance, or there are a few other programs that if people don’t have insurance, or if their insurance doesn’t cover it they should be able to get it if they want it,” said Brock.

At this time, both Drilling Pharmacy and Siouxland District Health Department aren’t taking COVID-19 vaccine appointments for adults.

“We do have a little bit for our children, so the younger age levels we do have a little bit on hand. we don’t have our adult vaccine yet,” said Brock.

“We’re hopeful for the next week or two that we will be able to get them,” said Houselog.

Brock recommends Siouxlanders contact their health insurance company to confirm they will cover the latest booster.