911 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit comes to Sioux City next week

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A procession will take place next Wednesday, May 4th, bringing the 911 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit from South Sioux City High School to Battery Park at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
The South Sioux City Police will lead and then hand over the honor to the Sioux City Police on the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge. Legion riders, fire trucks, and ambulances will be riding behind. The exhibit will make it’s way after our men and women in uniform, and the procession will end with our Woodbury County Sheriff.
The exhibit will open on Thursday with an opening ceremony at 8 AM.
“There is a timeline that people can see, there’s artifacts from the World Trade Towers, there is donated fire equipment that was actually used during the attacks. There will be several firefighters from New York who will be speaking about their experiences, they were actually at Ground Zero when the attack happened” says Ashlee French, Hard Rock Community Relations Leader.
Community leaders taking part in the procession say it’s an honor. For the police leading the procession, they say although the exhibit honors New York’s firefighters… The color of the uniform doesn’t matter. They were all brethren who were killed that day. 
“It was a life and world changing event, and it has changed the way the world operates, and it’s an honor to have it here. And to be able to have a small part in getting it to its place on the 5th is an honor” says Ed Mahon, Interim Police Chief, South Sioux City.
The Hard Rock is looking for volunteers to help with the event. You can submit your request on their website.
The Hard Rock is submitting a request to the city for street closures. Once the procession crosses the bridge into Iowa it will be turning from Wesley Parkway towards Pearl Street where people can stand by and watch the police and fire forces enter battery park at the hard rock with the exhibit. 
The procession is on Wednesday, May 4th starting at 6:30PM. The exhibit will be open Thursday through  Monday.

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