SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — This year is the 60th year of River-Cade and it all kicks off with a sled race.

Cone Park hosted hundreds of people for the annual Homemade Cardboard Sled Races.

Each sled had to be completely made of cardboard, no wood, metal, aluminum, or plastic allowed. Cardboard could either be home-sourced or attendees had an opportunity to grab some cardboard provided by WestRock.

The sleds were judged on creativity before being sent racing down the tubing hill.

KCAU 9 spoke with Phil Claeys, the coordinator for River-Cade, about the event.

“It’s a quality of life thing that goes back to a thing that I call Walton’s Mountain Time, when time was a lot simpler,” Claeys said. “We did things on a day like today. We’d be out sledding somewhere, all over Sioux City we’d be out ice skating or something and it’s just a matter of getting folks out and giving them the opportunity to spend time with their children and do something creative with them.”

Organizers are planning a Blue Grass festival later this year for the 60th year of River-Cade.