WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) – The 41st Annual Wayne Chicken Show is now hosting its usual three-day event after the pandemic affected last year’s festivities. This year, folks aren’t just looking forward to the chickens.

“Well certainly it’s good for town, for Wayne to have people back in town again but for myself. It’s fun, I get out and I see people that I don’t see normally, sell a few things hopefully and it does let me do my hobbies,” said Tammy Meier, the owner of Tammy’s Craft Room.

Alicia McIntosh says she remembers attending the first chicken show back in 1981.

“I’m not sure if I’ve ever missed one, I’m trying to think if I have or not, but it’s just always, it’s just fun. Everybody comes together and there’s always events and people come into town and we see people we haven’t seen for a long time, so it’s just a nice reunion,” said McIntosh.

And this year’s show is back to being a three-day experience.

“All our events are going to be the nostalgic ones. We’re going to have the national chuck off, we’re going to have the wing eating and hard boiled egg eating contest,” said Abby Schademann, the Wayne Chicken Show Coordinator.

Getting back to the way things were before.

“I think it’s just really lifting everybody’s spirits. Every, every new thing that comes back that we can start doing again, I think it reminds us of what we have and I think we all felt that loss. Income is one thing, but just that community feeling that we didn’t get to have for the last year, I think that’s probably, for most people, the main thing. Is just to feel the community and the people and the activity again,” said Meier.

The omelet feed and rubber chicken chuck are just a couple of things returning for the first time since 2019. For more information on the full list of events scheduled for the weekend, make sure to click here.