4 bald eagles sick due to lead exposure

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Another bald eagle has been found with suspected lead poisoning in Siouxland, making it the fourth in two weeks. 

All four birds tested positive for lead exposure, and one had a broken wing. 

The sick birds have been taken to Saving Our Avian Resources, or SOAR, a rehabilitation facility in Manning, Iowa.

Alex Lynott is the founder of Heart the Wild and was the one who rescued the birds from the field. 

Lynott says she’s never seen this many sick birds in such a short amount of time. 

“I hate to say it’s a record for me, but it’s a record. Before these four, I don’t even think I’ve had four eagles come into my care over the course of the years I’ve been doing rehabilitation,” said Lynott.

Lynott says that greater awareness about lead poisoning in eagles has led to more of them being rescued. However, many that are rescued never return to the wild due to the effect lead has on the birds. 

To prevent lead poisoning, the Iowa DNR suggests hunters use only non-toxic ammunition.

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